Monday | February 19, 2018

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Who we are

Our law firm's practice is rather specialized. Our office has primarily focused on representing injured parties in all personal injury and wrongful death matters. Practice areas include motorcycle, automobile, trucking, biking, and pedestrian, spinal cord injuries, burn injuries, injuries on premises, slip and falls, dog bites, drowning incidents, mold injuries, toxic torts, elder abuse, minor injuries, injuries from products, aircraft accidents, assaults, sexual attacks, all insurance claims and Insurance Bad Faith claims.

In certain cases, we advance costs for our clients, so that access to the courthouse is not limited by your ability to pay. With our unwavering dedication, spirited passion, unique resources and modern technology, we can literally take on any opponent. We frequently find ourselves and thrive in what we call "underdog litigation" where one individual client is taking on a large entity or industry or manufacturer in an effort to change and/or stop unlawful or unsafe conduct for the good of others and the community.

We pay generous referral fees to referring attorneys pursuant to State Bar Rules and consider joint venture agreements in certain cases.