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Car Accidents

Do you know that almost 27 percent drivers have been involved in a car crash in the past 5 years? In U.S., car related catastrophes are amongst the most common causes for people filing their personal injury claims.

Despite of efforts taken to lessen the tragic consequences, almost thousands of victims and their families still suffer from the unwanted consequences that happen.

Car Accidents - Common Causes

In general, car accidents occur as due to misdemeanor or negligent behaviors. Failure of the driver to take proper care while driving vehicles and to abide by the traffic rules makes them more likely to tragic road consequences. Let us have a look at some other causes:

• Negligence to the warnings and traffic signs
• Unnecessary conversation with other passengers
• Incompetence of a driver
• Exceeding the allowable speed limits
• Tail-gaiting
• Failure to put standard car safety check into practice
• Ignoring the bad road and weather conditions

Legal Implications

Many of the car accidents occur because of ignorance on the part of one of the drivers involved. If negligence of another party is the reason behind a motor vehicle accident, then people injured usually make settlements with the accountable party that offer compensation for sufferings, pains, medical expenses and other damages.

Legally, a car accident occurs if a passenger vehicle (station wagon, sedan or convertible) is involved in an incident or series of incidents, which leads to damages including property damage, brain injury or/ and death. In year 2005, 18% of car crashes involved collisions with non-motorized or stationary objects and almost 82% involved collisions with another automobile. Majority of these car accidents were caused due to negligence, related with traffic law disobedience.

When a car accident occurs, a personal injury lawsuit can be filed in a limited period. This is called the statute of limitations. Depending on the state, personal injury lawsuit may vary from 1 to 6 years.

Appointing an Attorney

Due to the litigation of procedures and intricacy of the laws, car accident victims prefer to keep silence about it. Some victims rely on the small amount offered by the other party. Many of the victims are simply unaware that many legal experts offer their representations and advices on a “contingent basis”. In simple words, the victim will need to pay the attorney when they already got a winning decision.

As with other types of accidents, figuring out who or what for instance, in the case of defective tires is at fault. Expert attorneys understand the dynamics of car accidents, and ensure clients' claims for injuries result in the highest level of compensation possible. They ensure that the injured victims will get an equal opportunity before the law.

Generally, Insurance companies handle routine car accident claims. Most of claims include property damage only. For car accidents that involve severe forms of injury like traumatic brain injury often need an expert aid that only a personal injury attorney can offer. In such situations, our expert attorney will help settle on your rights and assist in any claims to get compensation greater than the initial settlement.